Weight control: Body wraps

Oct 28th '16

Marketers offering body wraps as a weight control aid should take care to ensure they don’t exaggerate the likely capabilities of the treatment and must hold robust evidence to support all efficacy claims.


Distinguish between water loss and fat loss

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) accept that body wraps can have a temporary effect on weight and size, but understand that this is the result of little more than the expulsion of water from the body – much like a sauna or steam room – rather than loss of body fat. Any claims about the likely effects of such treatments should, therefore, reflect this.


Don’t exaggerate

Marketers may make claims for temporary weight loss or inch loss, but should not claim that weight can be lost from specific areas of the body (rule 13.9), that the treatment is suitable for the overweight, or that any effects will be permanent.


Hold evidence

Marketers must hold robust evidence to support all efficacy claims. The ASA ruled against an ad for a “Universal Contour Wrap” which stated “double inch loss guarantee” and made “contouring” and “detoxifying” claims, because the advertiser was unable demonstrate that the wrap was effective at achieving the stated results (New Image Studio, 14 December 2005). See Detoxing: General.


Don’t rely on testimonials alone

Testimonials are unlikely to be sufficient to support efficacy claims (rule 13.1) and do not negate the need for robust supporting evidence in the form of clinical trials (Body Wraps Berkshire, 30 March 2016).


Take care when using before and after images

Marketers should remember that before and after images are likely to be considered implied efficacy claims. As such, robust supporting evidence that the product or treatment is effective at achieving the results shown must be held (Debbie’s Wraps, 26 March 2014).



Marketers should also ensure they meet the requirements of rules 3.45 to 3.48, in relation to holding signed and dated proof that the photos are genuine (Direct Beauty Products Ltd, 7 January 2009). See Before and after photos.


See Weight Control: GeneralWeight Control: Obesity, and Weight Control: Cellulite.


Source: CAP


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