New video for vloggers, bloggers and brands

Dec 21st '15

The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) has produced an online video for vloggers, bloggers and brands to help them better understand when the advertising rules apply to them.

The video reflects the practical advice on how and when the advertising rules apply to vloggers and other online content creators so that they can communicate fairly to their followers.

Vloggers, bloggers and brands: A short guide to the ad rules, provides further clarity to the vlogging and blogging community about what they should consider if they enter into a commercial relationship with a brand or an agency.  It highlights that if a vlogger or blogger is paid to promote a product or service and an advertiser controls the message then it becomes an ad. If this occurs then, they must clearly signpost that they’re advertising.

Specifically, the video brings to life three of the scenarios.  These are:

  • Advertorials – a whole video is in the usual style of the online content creator but the content is controlled by the brand and the creator has been paid
  • Commercial breaks within content – where most of the online content is editorial material but there’s also a specific section dedicated to the promotion of a product
  • Product placement – independent editorial content that also features a commercial message

If you are unsure how this guidance affects you, please get in touch with us.



The video can be found on CAP’s YouTube channel here.

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