Top tips for betting and gaming advertisers

Apr 28th '16

Top tips for betting and gaming advertisers

This recent ruling on reminded advertisers that it is considered very poor form to link gambling to sexual success.  Read on to get more top tips on how to avoid falling into traps with your gambling advertising.

Make sure you’re holding all the aces – read these top tips for avoiding complaints about your gambling advertising

The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) and Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice (BCAP) Codes contain detailed house rules for gambling advertisers.   As well as sections that specifically relate to Gambling, the Codes include rules on areas such as Misleading Advertising, Promotional Marketing and Harm and Offence – all advertisements must comply with all of the rules.

Some recent rulings on gambling advertising provide helpful examples of how to lower your odds of falling at the first hurdle.

Reduce the probability of misleading consumers

When running a promotional offer, it’s always important to ensure that significant conditions are clearly explained upfront.  Recent rulings on Starspins and Unibet show that the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is likely to uphold complaints against promotional offers that are ambiguous or misleading.

Hedge your bets on anything that might appeal to children

Gambling ads with particular appeal to under-18s are hot favourites for ASA action – avoid using colourful, childish cartoon imagery, or describing your games in childlike terms.  Rulings on Geo24Ever Adventure and WHG demonstrate where the ASA is likely to draw the line. 

Don’t raise the stakes by featuring under-25s

The Advertising Codes prevent anyone under the age of 25 from appearing in Gambling advertising.  The only exception to this rule is 18-24 years olds who are the subject of the bet being advertised, but only when the ad appears in a medium where the bet is offered – so websites with a transactional facility are in, but Twitter doesn’t count.  This is helpfully illustrated by rulings on CoralHillside and Ladbrokes.

Complying with the Advertising Codes is a question of skill, not luck

Don’t leave anything to chance – make sure you’re onto a winner by seeking advice from the experts.

Author: Ella Smillie, CAP Regulatory Policy Executive

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