Revision to on screen text guidance

Aug 23rd '16

Today, Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice (BCAP) is publishing a minor technical update to its guidance, On-screen text and subtitling in television advertisements. Changes to broadcast technical standards in the last few years have seen broadcasters move away from 4:3 aspect ratio (i.e. the height and width of the TV picture) to 16:9. This affects advertising as the parameters for the display of on screen text are different for different aspect ratios.

The changes are intended to clarify the requirements for broadcasters and production companies. They do not change BCAP’s underlying policy objectives of ensuring that additional information in TV ads is presented clearly and legibly.

The revised guidance comes into effect from today.

BCAP Advertising Guidance Notes 1: On screen text and subtitling in television advertisements

Onscreen text and subtitling in TV advertisements, TV Advertising Guidance Note 1 (broadcast) [PDF]

Source: CAP Website