Christmas nativity ad banned from cinemas

Dec 24th '15

Cinemas have banned another Christmas advert, and this time its because of a Nativity scene.


The decision came from Digital Cinema Media (DCM), which regulates promotional content for a number of theatres and controls 80% of cinema advertising claims the ad broke its policy on religious advertising.


The Church of England said the ban was ”

‘It is astonishing that Digital Cinema Media refuse to show a short film focused on the holy family.

‘This is not so much “no room at the inn” but a refusal by the inn keepers to take in any family who are religious.”.


Last month, DCM was accused of hypocrisy after banning an ad featuring the Lord’s prayer, but allowing a short film featuring Hindu gods, as well as adverts about alcohol and violent video games.


DCM in a statement said they had ‘a long-standing policy’ of not accepting ‘political or religious advertising’


So far, over 210,000 people have watched the advertisement on YouTube.


The Committee of Advertising Practice offer advice on keeping ads in line with the Code which clearly states that “Marketing communications must not contain anything that is likely to cause serious or widespread offence. Particular care must be taken to avoid causing offence on the grounds of…religion


Source: CAP


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