Toy Advertising Monitoring Commission values ​​the activity data in 2023 very positively

Apr 15th '24

  • The Toy Advertising Monitoring Commission was created within the framework of the co-regulation system established by the Protocol signed by the Ministry of Social Rights, Consumption and Agenda 2030 with the Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers and AUTOCONTROL. Its function is to monitor the “Self-regulation code for children’s toy advertising” provided for in said Protocol.
  • In 2023, AUTOCONTROL reviewed, at the request of the industry, 960 toy advertisements before their dissemination.
  • Thanks to this preventive work, in 2023 only 8 complaints about toy advertisements were received, all of them dismissed.
  • The report carried out by consumer representatives highlights the high level of compliance observed.


Coinciding with the second Anniversary of the implementationof the Protocol for the promotion of self-regulation of children’s toy advertising signed by the Ministry of Social Rights, Consumption and Agenda 2030 with the Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers Toys ( AEFJ) and AUTOCONTROL and whose function is the monitoring of the “Code of Self-regulation of Children’s Toy Advertising” of the AEFJ, the Toy Advertising Monitoring Commission has made public the control activity data of the advertising of toys in 2023, carried out by the Spanish advertising self-regulation body, AUTOCONTROL.


The Code Monitoring Commission is chaired by the General Director of Consumer Affairs, Daniel Arribas, and representatives of the National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC), the AEFJ, and the Spanish Association of Advertisers (aea) also participate. , consumers (CCU) and AUTOCONTROL.


Companies adhering to the AEFJ Code of Self-Regulation of Children’s Toy Advertising undertake to respect in their advertising aimed at minors the rules contained in said Code, through which the scope of the obligations is specified and expanded. legal requirements for the advertising and promotion of toys aimed at minors, for the benefit of the general interest, consumers and the market.


Prior control of toy advertising in 2023

AUTOCONTROL reviewed, before their dissemination, nearly 1,000 toy advertising projects to verify their compliance with legal and ethical regulations. Of the total reports issued, 71.2% were positive, 28.7% recommended making some change to the advertisement, and there were no negative reports or reports that advised against disseminating the advertisement.


Among the recommended changes is, in first place, “add indications with additional information” (for example, use of batteries, sold separately, must be assembled…), followed by “lack of direct reference to product size”.


The Monitoring Commission of the Toy Advertising Code has agreed in the positive assessment of these data , and in highlighting the use of this voluntary control tool by the toy industry, and also by advertising agencies and the media ( especially television), has made it possible to detect and correct when necessary toy advertising projects before their broadcast to ensure their legal and deontological correctness.


Complaint resolution

During 2023, the Self-Control Jury only received 8 complaints about toy advertisements . All of them were rejected by the AUTOCONTROL Jury.


Evaluation of the 2023-2024 Christmas campaign by social organizations

Within the framework of the Monitoring Commission, the “Report with the results of the evaluation of toy advertising broadcast on television during the 2023-2024 Christmas Campaign” has also been presented by the representatives of the Consumer and User Associations. (AUC), carried out by consumer and user organizations participating in the Commission based on a sample of more than 100 different creatives broadcast on television.


This evaluation highlights practically total compliance with legal and deontological regulations in the sample analyzed, with a progressive improvement in the clarification of the use of animated fiction and without detecting content that is inappropriate for the development of minors or that could pose an undue influence on boys and girls. There is also a consolidation in the use of the pictogram system developed by AEFJ, which has replaced the traditional information legends in most cases.





AUTOCONTROL is the independent self-regulatory body of the advertising industry in Spain. Established in 1995 as a non-profit association, it is made up of advertisers, advertising agencies, media and professional associations and its objective is to work for responsible advertising: truthful, legal, honest and loyal. Learn more, here.


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