Obligation of identifiability of advertising published by influencers

Jun 28th '22

Last Friday, June 24, the Spanish Association of Advertisers (AEA), AUTOCONTROL and a large group of representatives of influencer agencies met at the AEA headquarters, where they analyzed the details of the “Code of Conduct on the use of Influencers in Advertising” of the AEA and AUTOCONTROL, with the intention of extending its application in the advertising industry.


The agencies present Go Talents, Human to Human, Keeper Experience, Marco, Okiko Talens, Samyroad, Socialpubli, Soy Olivia, Territory Group, Thinketers, Youplanet and the influencer “The Tik-Tok teacher” expressed their support for the Code and its dissemination , given the lack of knowledge in the sector of current regulations; They also expressed their willingness to work on adhering to it, promoting the labeling of their influencers . In fact, the latter has already joined.


Said Code has been expanded with an internal annex with recommendations on how to identify advertising on the most popular social media (Blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Videoblogs/Youtube). And two independent documents, one with the Standard Contract, and another consisting of an Audit Procedures Guide.


This meeting represents one more step on the way to contribute to a better development of advertising activity in digital media, and to promote self-regulation and good practices so that advertising complies with current regulations. In this process, the Advertising Jury is in charge of resolving eventual claims that may arise due to non-compliance with the ethical standards contained in the Code.


The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB Spain) also attended the meeting and was represented by its general director, Reyes Justribó, and by the president of the Influencers Commission, Sergio Barreda, partner and founder of Keep The Key, who joined as an industry and declared the usefulness of this Code and their action plan to disclose it.


Both Lidia Sanz, general director of the Spanish Association of Advertisers, and José Domingo Gómez Castallo , general director of AUTOCONTROL, stated that they were in contact with the Administration, through the Agreement signed with the Ministry of Economic Affairs (Secretariat of State for Telecommunications and Infrastructure Digitales and Secretary of State for Digitization and Digital Intelligence) and with the Ministry of Consumer Affairs (General Secretary), entities with which they will meet at the turn of the summer to continue analyzing the evolution of this self-regulation tool.


For their part, the agencies present valued this meeting very positively, in which they also wanted to demand that there be an administrative categorization for the functions of the exercise of influencers . In addition, they showed their willingness to discuss all these issues with the Administration with the intention of self-regulating and, at the same time, strengthening an innovative sector with a lot of drive in the communication industry.




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