Have your say: Your online experiences with ASIC

Mar 5th '24


  • ASIC is reviewing the user experience of its Registry digital services (i.e. ASIC Connect and the ASIC website).
  • ASIC is conducting interviews with users in March 2024. Register your interest by Friday 8 March.
  • Your insights will contribute to designing ASIC’s digital services.


How can you contribute?

The ASIC is seeking to conduct interviews with people who have used ASIC’s Registry digital services in the last 6 months. These include:


  • business owners – you may have looked at information and guides to help start and manage your business, or register your business name or search one of our registers.
  • company officeholders – you may have looked at information and guides to help start and manage your company, or transacted to meet your registration obligations.
  • members of the general public – you may have searched our registers or looked at information and guides about starting or running a business.


Important: ASIC is seeking feedback about the experience of using ASIC’s digital services, not about the outcome of the transaction.


The one hour interview will be conducted online in March 2024.


Contact ASIC

Please contact via email and register your interest to participate in this research.


Register your interest


ASIC will require your name and email contact details only.


What about my privacy?

Participation in these interviews is entirely voluntary.


If you choose to participate, your name and email address will only be collected for contact purposes (e.g., to organise the online interview).


While personal information will be collected and accessed by the project team, only aggregated findings will be shared with other ASIC team members and third parties to ensure individuals cannot be identified.


Personal information will also be handled in accordance with ASIC’s Privacy Policy.


ASIC is Australia’s corporate, markets and financial services regulator.


Source: © Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC). Reproduced with permission.


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