Inaugural ASA Rulings Podcast

Aug 30th '18

Each week the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) put out rulings on advertisements they’ve been asked to investigate following complaints from the public, businesses and consumer groups.


The ASA often get questions and comments from people interested in finding out more about how the advertising watchdog reach decisions, and what lessons can be learnt from the rulings. The ASA have decided to try something new, and today they have announced inaugural Rulings Podcast.


In this first episode, host James Miller is joined by two Investigations Managers, Jessica Tye and Andrew Bruce. James, Jessica and Andrew discuss three rulings which drew a lot of interest when they were published, one each from Photobox, HMV-Competitions, and L’Oréal. Have a listen below, and keep an ear out for the next one!


Episode 1: Dogs, Houses and Lashes




Source: ASA


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