Heinz beans #Cansong advert banned

Nov 23rd '16

Heinz beans advert showing how to beat out a #Cansong advert banned over health and safety reasons.


 A Heinz Beanz advert has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for encouraging behaviour that risks health and safety.


The TV ad for Heinz included several scenes that featured children, teenagers and adults using empty or full tins of , Baked Beans to drum out the rhythm of a song. Towards the end of the ad, on-screen text stated “Learn the #CanSong”.


Two issues were investigated, both of which were Upheld. Three complainants challenged whether the ad encouraged unsafe practice, and six believing that it could be dangerous for children to emulate.


HJ Heinz Foods UK Ltd had posted video tutorials on how to safely perform the Can Song on social media sites, said the ad did not show anyone putting their hand or fingers inside an empty can.


The company said the advertisement only showed people tapping cans on the sealed top, bottom or sides, which were all “safe” surfaces.


Consumers who had uploaded their own versions of the song on social media sites proved that copying the ad was “not prejudicial to their health or safety”, the company added.


Clearcast said that the behaviour did not look dangerous or harmful and that those involved, when the ad was being created, took steps that ensured the action appeared safe at all times. They considered that the way the can was handled did not look dangerous or reckless, as the moves were clearly choreographed and staged, and that children would be aware of that. They said that no one in the ad was shown playing with the rim of the cans and children who participated in the Can Song were supervised by an adult.


The ASA said it was unlikely that consumers would be as proficient as the actors at flipping and twirling the cans around.


It said mistakes might be made with an empty can, given the manoeuvres required and the lack of instructions.


The ASA ordered HJ Heinz Foods UK not to broadcast the advert again in its current form, and told them to ensure that future ads did not condone or encourage behaviour that prejudiced health and safety, including behaviour that could be dangerous for children to emulate, for example by featuring open tin cans being used to play music.


Read the ASA Ruling on HJ Heinz Foods UK Ltd.


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This longer online version of the advert does include safety instructions.


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