ASA rules that ASDA nappy claims are full of …

Aug 3rd '16

ASA rules that ASDA nappy claims are full of …


The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled against ASDA as claims that could not be substantiated when comparing its own label nappies to Pampers in two website adverts.


The ads were for products in ASDA’s ‘Little Angels’ nappy range, on, which was seen on 3 July 2015.


The first ad, “Little Angels Comfort Dry” nappies included the claim of “As absorbent as the leading brand”.


He second ad, “Little Angels Supreme Protection” nappies included the claim “Our … most absorbent nappy ever”.


Procter & Gamble UK who are the owners of Pampers challenged whether these claims were misleading and could be substantiated.


The ASA also challenged whether first ad breached the Code, because it did not contain a mechanism whereby visitors to the website could verify the comparison “As absorbent as the leading brand”.


Action taken:

Both adverts must not appear again in the form complained about. The ASA have told ASDA to ensure that in future they hold sufficient evidence to substantiate claims consumers would understand as objective, and to ensure that any comparative claims with identifiable competitors were verifiable.


Breached CAP Codes (Edition 12): Misleading advertising, Substantiation, and Comparisons with Identifiable Competitors.


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