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Sep 26th '23

For the third consecutive year, Advertising Professional Regulation Authority (ARPP) observes a clear improvement in commercial practices.


In order to continue this dynamic, the ARPP announces, on the occasion of the first thousand certified creators, the launch of a complete educational program to help them better understand and respect the new legal framework and ethical rules, and the adaptation of the certificate to European level.


As of 2017, the ARPP, in collaboration with all players in the sector (professional organizations, brands, agencies and platforms), adopted the ethical rules of transparency and loyalty applicable to the advertising sector. commercial influence and has begun the creation of tools to support these good practices, such as the Responsible Influence Certificate or the eponymous Observatory. Since then, the ARPP and the entire profession have been able to create a dynamic of positive development. In recent months, all stakeholders have been involved in discussions around the new law governing commercial influence(a first in Europe) by relying in particular on these tools.


The Observatory reveals today that the transparency of content creators has significantly improved in three years  : while only 73% of content resulting from a commercial collaboration showed the beginning of identification in 2020 , in 2022 this rate is increased to 89% . The trend seems to be confirmed in 2023, in particular thanks to the impact of the Responsible Influence Certificate. Today, the priority is to help influencers understand the new legislative framework.



The entire sector has mobilized around the ARPP to equip itself with a monitoring tool based on advanced technologies in order to precisely measure the evolution of practices in the light of the major educational operations carried out in recent years. years. During the first half of 2023, more than 56,000 pieces of content were screened for the latest edition of the Responsible Influence Observatory. A record! They are divided into two categories:


  • cold analysis which concerns 31,004 contents (2022 publications).
  • the continuous analysis of publications from certified creators concerns 18,317 pieces of content ; that of non-certified concerns 6,525 (first half of 2023).


1 Cold analysis of 2022 publications

Cold analyzes cover content posted on Instagram (55%), TikTok (25%) and YouTube (20%) throughout 2022. For the third year in a row, transparency on the content analyzed is progressing  : 27% of content was non-compliant in 2020, 17% in 2021 and 11% in 2022, i.e. 89% of publications resulting from commercial collaborations which include at least the beginning of identification (compliant or improveable).


The trend observed in previous years is confirmed: long tail content creators (less than 10,000 subscribers) remain the least transparent with their audiences. Even though they continue to make progress, 23% of their sponsored posts remain ID-infringing.


2 Continuous analysis of the first half of 2023

For the year 2023, the ARPP has carried out continuous analyzes in order in particular to be able to intervene more quickly in the event of a breach observed, but also to closely monitor trends in creators’ practices, which are constantly evolving. In this context, the ARPP has set up a direct reporting channel with platforms, creators, and brands.


The ongoing analysis of content published by certified creators reveals remarkable figures: only 0.78% of the 18,317 contents analyzed in 2023 did not comply with transparency rules. Certified creators having made a commitment to respect the rules acquired during the Certificate, they incur the withdrawal of the Certificate in the event of non-compliance. For non-certified creators, if the figures are not as significant, they remain increasing: with 87% of compliant or improveable content in 2022, they increase to 93% in 2023. A trend that the ARPP hopes to be able to confirm for its Observatory in 2024.


Find the complete 2022/2023 Responsible Influence Observatory, here.



Thanks to awareness work, the number of certified influencers is growing exponentially. In September 2023, the milestone of a thousand content creators having obtained the Responsible Influence Certificate was reached. They are three times more than at the start of the year. Their combined audience represents more than 450 million subscribers.


Some are among the most followed creators in France, dealing with various subjects (humor, fashion, makeup, news, lifestyle , etc.)


“For more than 7 years now, ARPP member actors have been mobilizing in favor of good practices and transparency in the commercial influence sector. This work, disconnected from controversies and the culture of clash, has enabled the implementation of effective tools to structure the market: an Ethics Recommendation in 2017, the Responsible Influence Observatory in 2019, the eponymous Certificate in 2021, in the process of being adopted on a European scale by EASA (European Alliance for Ethics in Advertising) under the leadership of ARPP. Today, we are pleased to see that certified influencers commit less than 1% of transparency violations. With an ever-growing audience and an ever-increasing number of certified creators, the creation of the Certified Creators Club will make it possible to continue the positive dynamic that has been underway for several years. » Mohamed Mansouri, Deputy Director of ARPP.



While the bar of 1000 certified profiles has just been crossed , the ARPP announces the launch of the Certified Creators Club, a complete educational program to help them better understand and respect the new legal framework and ethical rules.


To enliven this community, various concrete actions have been launched, in particular:


  • periodic meeting to take stock of legislative and regulatory news , ethics, best practices in the sector and answer their questions.
  • Since September, Club members have received all the news related to the regulation of the sector, via “the Meeting of Responsible Creators” , a newsletter dedicated to them.
  • For creators who have obtained the Certificate, a new upgrade module with regard to the new legal requirements and the Good Conduct Guide published by the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty is open to them.
  • The organization of masterclasses on specific themes (environmental claims, gambling, cosmetic products, etc.).


The results of the 2023 Responsible Influence Observatory


Source: ARPP



About the ARPP

ARPP is the French advertising self-regulatory organization. It combines the creation of ethical rules, their application and the control of the application.


Its goal is to maintain high standards in terms of legal, honest, and truthful advertising, which is in the interest of both the consumers and the advertisers.


Its mission is to uphold the balance between creativity as well as the advertisers’ freedom of expression and the responsibility and respect due to consumers.


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