Media Institute launches the Responsible Communication Certificate in collaboration with the AACC

Dec 2nd '21

Media Institute launches the Responsible Communication Certificate in collaboration with the Association des Agences-Conseils en Communication (AACC), Autorité de régulation professionnelle de la publicité (ARPP) and the Union des marques, aimed at all communication, marketing and media professionals.


67% of French people think that greenwashing is too widespread.


In a context of a permanent alert concerning the environment (promulgation of the Climate and Resilience Law of August 2021 and laws adopted in France over the last two years, United Nations Agenda 2030, National Low-Carbon Strategy,  Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, COP26…), consumers are now expecting actions from companies and more of them are committing themselves to the subject.


After launching the Responsible Influence Certificate in September in collaboration with ARPP, to ensure the ethics of the content created and avoid the excesses of certain influencers, Media Institute is launching a two-day certification course to help companies communicate more responsibly.


Only 23% of French people have confidence in the commitments and statements made by brands in terms of Corporate social responsibility (CSR). This is also why communication must be given more meaning in the face of current climate issues. However, between green, good and woke washing, more or less conscious and assumed, the creative and advertising mistakes that threaten brands are numerous.


The communication sector has signed up its businesses – communication agencies, media agencies, design agencies, public relations agencies, media agencies, internet agencies, research companies – to seven voluntary commitments for an effective and rapid ecological transition.


With the aim of supporting brands and all players in the communication sector, Media Institute is offering a two-day training course in collaboration with the AACC, ARPP and the Union des marques. Taught by lawyers, CSR managers from major communication agencies and experts from the interprofession, it will enable trainees to build and adapt communication, and to produce and distribute it responsibly. An evaluation process for the trainees will allow the training to be validated by a certificate.


It has multiple objectives:


  • To know the context that requires training on responsible communication issues.
  • To master and consider the stakes of responsible communication from a personal, professional, societal and economic point of view for the communication branch.
  • Master the legal rules and the self-regulation framework of the main aspects of ethical advertising communication (respect for the person, respect for the environment, bard, etc.)
  • Apply the rules and good practices of sustainable, ethical, and responsible communication at all stages of communication design (message, illustration, format, distribution).


In addition to the issues of representation of diversity and inclusion, the training will address, from an ethical perspective, the issues of personalised targeting of campaigns, management of private data (“privacy”) or the communication environment of brands (“brand safety”).


It is in the interest of brands to anticipate the expectations of future generations and to recreate a climate of trust. 88% of French people say that a CSR policy in line with their expectations will strengthen the image of the brand with its consumers.


Information on the Responsible Communication Certificate

Starting March 2022; duration: 2 days


The three key points validated by the Responsible Communication Certificate are:


  • Responsibility for advertising messages and their role in promoting eco-responsible behaviour.
  • Responsibility for the design and production of campaigns.
  • Responsibility for the on and off-line distribution of advertising campaigns and objects, and especially the respect of consumer privacy.


New monitoring: advertising and cosmetic products, published in November 2021


  • 97.8% compliance rate
  • 5 months of analysis in 2020
  • 7089 ads related to the cosmetics sector analysed
  • Media: radio, national press, billboards, digital out-of-home, banners, web videos, YouTube videos, and Facebook posts


More information is available here.


Source: ARPP


ARPP is the French advertising self-regulatory organization.


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