ARPP publishes its 9th report “Advertising and eating behaviors”

Sep 20th '23

A joint analysis with Michel Bonnet, President of the Joint Advertising Council , Associate Expert with the approved Familles de France association.


6,673 advertisements analyzed for mainland France (September-October 2022) and
1,162 advertisements broadcast overseas (August to December 2022).
Respectively 8 and 6 failures identified for the proper application of the
ARPP “Eating Behavior” Recommendation.
Or 99.88% and 99.48 % compliance, very stable rates vs. previous published reports.


This new assessment from the Advertising Professional Regulation Authority (ARPP) is part of the commitments made collectively within the framework of the  Charter aimed at promoting healthy eating and behaviors in audiovisual programs and advertisements (2020-2024), integrated into the report annual report of its application published by ARCOM.


  • This ninth assessment is based on the ARPP Recommendation “Dietary behaviors” in its 3rd version adopted in June 2021, applicable regardless of the product (good or service), the sector and the media used for the dissemination of advertisements.
  • The 8 advertisements noted concern 4 of them for a breach of point 1.1a which states: “ When an entire meal, lunch or dinner, is visualized, this representation must correspond to a balanced diet situation. The representation of a balanced diet situation must be respected in all circumstances for breakfast and snack meals. »


The 4 other breaches relate to point 1.4 which requires that  No consumption scene in front of a screen within the home must be represented whether it
features people, ambassadors, influencers, popular, famous or ordinary, whether imaginary or not. »



  • The  very low rate of violations  is largely explained by the good knowledge of the rule by the entire profession, as well as by  the continuous education carried out in the context of workshops in particular . In 2022, 44 workshops raised public awareness (professionals and students) on this subject.
  • In this report, a focus on advertising broadcast in Overseas Territories (Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique and Reunion Island) was also reiterated like the last two reports: out of a total of 1,162 advertisements in all media analyzed , only 6 Breaches of the ARPP Recommendation were noted . The typology of shortcomings noted is quite similar to that observed in mainland France.
  • Halfway through the third five-year “Food” Charter (2020-24), professionals are complying, tirelessly, with their concerted commitments aimed at encouraging a healthy and sustainable diet, a healthy lifestyle, and excluding bad eating behaviors. always pursuing the same objectives: pragmatic and strict rules, for all media and all sectors.


Download the report, here.


Image: (PDF)


Source: ARPP


About the ARPP

ARPP is the French advertising self-regulatory organization. It combines the creation of ethical rules, their application and the control of the application.


Its goal is to maintain high standards in terms of legal, honest, and truthful advertising, which is in the interest of both the consumers and the advertisers.


Its mission is to uphold the balance between creativity as well as the advertisers’ freedom of expression and the responsibility and respect due to consumers.


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