ARPP publishes a new Recommendation dedicated to communications on crypto-assets and evolves its three Recommendations on financial sector advertising

Jul 6th '23

These 4 Recommendations meet all the expectations contained in the Public Notice adopted by the Joint Advertising Council (CPP) which brings together representatives of consumer, environmental and societal associations and representatives of professionals (brands, agencies and all the media).


All the recommendations of the CPP, which interviewed both professionals in the sector and regulators, associations and federations that are not members of the professional advertising regulation system, have been taken into account by professionals for the creation of the new Recommendation on crypto-assets and the modifications made to the three Recommendations entitled respectively: “Financial and investment products and services “, “Leverage-effect financial products and contracts, allowing exposure to Forex, financial indices stock exchanges, the price of raw materials as well as binary options”  and Atypical placements and related services”.


For the three existing Recommendations , work has been carried out in order to :


  • make certain points consistent with developments in positive law, take into account new practices and clarify certain rules;
  • be educational , by including in each of the Recommendations an insert dedicated to the prior checks to be carried out by the actors concerned;
  • strengthen the rules relating to Social Responsibility;
  • adjust risk warning messages.


In addition, a reference has been added to the Advertising Professional Regulatory Authority (ARPP) Recommendations “Digital advertising communication” and “Sustainable development” and a new chapter has been created in the Recommendation ”  Financial and investment products and services”, which introduces r rules relating to environmental claims and sustainable finance.


For the new “Crypto-assets” Recommendation, which also includes an educational insert relating to the prior checks to be carried out, within the scope, the digital assets have been defined and the conditions of access to commercial communications specified, taking into account the provisions of law no. 2023-451 of June 9, 2023 aimed at regulating commercial influence and combating the excesses of influencers on social networks.


The new Recommendation comprises two Chapters: “Social responsibility and protection of minors” and “Transparency”.


The latter provides in particular for rules relating to the balanced presentation of performance in relation to the risks which imply the presence of warning on the particular risks and the wording of which must highlight, in addition to the risk of capital losses, the particular volatility prices of the products concerned and the technological risk (cyber/hacking).


In accordance with the ARPP’s rules of procedure for the implementation of a new rule (art. 5.6), these 4 Recommendations will come into force no later than October 1, 2023.


This entry into force will be preceded by the posting online of the Responsible Influence Certificate – “Financial Advertising” option – that the ARPP has produced with the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) as part of the partnership agreement signed between the two authorities.


Source: ARPP. The ARPP is the professional regulatory body for advertising in France


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