AMF priorities for Action and Supervision

Jan 14th '22

Each year, the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) publishes its action and supervisory priorities. In 2022, focus will be on four main areas: Europe, retail investment, sustainable finance and the modernisation of AMF regulatory action. Read the details of their priorities for 2022.


AMF priorities for action


  • Europe

In the context of the French presidency of the Council of the European Union in the first half of 2022, the AMF will work to enhance the transparency and integration of European capital markets and to support the key role of asset management in financing the economy, while ensuring investor protection. The AMF will prepare the implementation of the European digital finance framework and contribute to European supervisory convergence.


  • Retail investment

The AMF intends to push for a European framework that protects retail investors, while facilitating their access to capital markets. They will also continue to educate new investors and prevent scams and bad marketing practices by mobilising all the stakeholders concerned.


  • Sustainable finance

The AMF will support companies in implementing the European taxonomy and contribute to the development of corporate sustainability reporting standards. They will ensure the effectiveness and credibility of the financial markets transition and support marketplace efforts to fund the transition to a carbon-neutral economy. Lastly, they will promote the development of appropriate labels and standards.


  • Modernisation of the AMF’s action

The AMF will, for example, continue to expand the use of data across all business lines. They will also pass further milestones in the transformation of the AMF’s communications with Paris financial market participants. At the same time, the organisation of work within the AMF will be rethought in line with the reorganisation of its offices and continuation of teleworking.


AMF supervisory priorities

In 2022, thematic monitoring and oversight priorities will concern:


  • For asset management companies: valuation of illiquid assets such as real estate or corporate bonds, compliance with constraints and contractual commitments in terms of sustainable finance, governance and quality of reporting data, monitoring and control of asset management companies by depositaries;
  • For market intermediaries: the quality of transaction data on bonds (post-trade transparency) and reporting on derivatives transactions as well as the provision of market data by trading venues, cross-border activities;
  • For marketing and investment advisory services: supervision of financial investment advisers, control of marketing carried out inside banking networks, establishment and transparency of distributors’ costs and fees, marketing to vulnerable elderly people under the ACPR/AMF Joint Unit.


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Source: AMF


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