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LS Consultancy is a award leading marketing and compliance provider.


We help professional firms and agencies create and capture more value by offering unmatched expert, practical support and guidance.


LS Consultancy is unique and provides no-nonsense advice to organizations leaders, companies, and organisations in every industry and at every level. We have a range of bespoke and cost effective services in our arsenal.


We combine expertise and local insight to help you turn your ambitious goals into reality. Our delivery teams are handpicked experts with years of business, operations and consulting experience.


We work with a wide range of firms from energy and utilities to financial services. With tonnes of experience you be sure we’re here when you need us.


By leveraging in-depth industry experiences and sharing technical and operational knowledge we design and develop a range of innovative solutions in a collaborative environment.


We can offer in-house or remote services that meet your needs and budget.


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We’ve also developed a strong network of partner organisations with whom we work with to develop mutually beneficial value for your business.