Global DEI Census 2023 – GCC market report

Aug 11th '23

Code of conduct

The multiple partner organisations behind this research have collected responses across their respective jurisdictions and made the data available in the spirit of making the global marketing industry a more diverse and inclusive place to work.


In return, we all need to recognise the sensitive nature of the data and to treat it appropriately.


By accessing this data, you are agreeing to abide by the following Code of Conduct:


  • Do: Share this data within your organisation to support actions relating to making our industry more diverse and inclusive. •Share topline aggregated data outside of the organisation, for instance with the press, in order to raise visibility for the issues and drive constructive conversations
  • Don’t: Share sensitive data outside of your organisation – or make any comparison between your national data and other countries/markets


If you are unsure, please contact your WFA/VoxComm colleagues if you have any queries.




Diversity Headlines

There is relatively good representation across all minority groups (gender, nationality, disabilities, religion). Looking at seniority and indicative pay gaps, the proportion of women and national minorities decreases at senior levels, and there appears to be a pay gap at senior levels within both characteristics.


Inclusion Headlines

GCC scores below the global Inclusion Index benchmark (57% vs 63%) and has dropped 4 ppts since the 2021 census (61%). However, 82% agreeing that their company is actively taking steps to be more diverse and inclusive (vs 72% global average) and 52% agree things have improved in terms of the industry becoming more diverse and inclusive in the last 2 years (vs 50% global average).


Cost of turnover data shows that there is a potential risk of churn with 25% of respondents either indicating they are likely to leave the industry based on a lack of inclusion and diversity or preferring not to answer this question. This rises to 50% for disabled respondents.


Sense of belonging is lower across all minority groups when compared with majority respondents.


28% of respondents believe that age can be a hindrance at their company, this increases amongst middle age groups, eg 31% for 35-44 year olds. We see a similar picture with family status with 31% of those who have caregiving responsibilities indicating they believe that family status hinders one’s career at their company.


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Source: Advertising Business Group (ABG)


About the ABG

The ABG philosophy aims to address issues as related to commercial communication through cooperation. By promoting self-regulation we will aim to demonstrate our ability to act responsibly by actively promoting the highest ethical standards in commercial communication’s and safeguarding consumers interests.​ We will work towards establishing common principles of best practice and greater convergence towards these common principles.


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