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Choosing the right regulatory compliance support isn’t straightforward. We specialise in compliance and marketing consulting services for financial institutions and just as all of our clients are different, so are our engagements.


Increasingly, compliance cannot be treated solely as a local issue. New regulations mean that firms have to take a global approach.


LS Consultancy team has a wealth of experience across the financial services industry including expertise across the UK, EU, APAC, US and MENA.


LS Consultancy help our clients grow and protect their interests through global support.

LS Consultancy also advise companies on compliance, particularly in the world of financial promotions and other advertising regulators.


Through our recommendations, many clients have avoided huge fines and damage reputations.

LS Consultancy provides a full range of services.


We have 20+ years of best practice within the regulatory environment, so you can always be confident in your compliance.


LS Consultancy provide advisory services to clients on an as needed, project or part-time basis. This enables us to take wider considerations when we work with you and make our recommendations. We will arm your business with the knowledge it needs to be fully compliant and build trust with new and existing customers.


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We’ve also developed a strong network of partner firms with whom we work with to develop mutually beneficial value for your business.


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We are Affiliate Members of the Consumer Duty Alliance, which is an independent, ‘not-for-profit’ professional body. It aims to support the personal finance sector in the adoption and implementation of the FCA’s Consumer Duty requirements through the alliance of like-minded individuals and firms.