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Stuart Ritchie had previously been employed, working long hours in the finance industry for many years earning good money, but having no control over his life. He also run his own property business, with the stress of staff, cashflow, huge borrowings, etc.

In July 2007, he was introduced to a simple proven business system that he worked a few hours a week, increasing my profits and reducing my overall working hours, creating more time for the things that are important. After a couple of years of part time effort heI was able to “sack the rat race” and “retire” at the age of 38, with a passive income that surpassed anything he had earned before, growing monthly.

Outside of work, he has a busy family life. Playing golf (badly), and enjoy spending time holidaying in warm climates. He has a great balance in his life, spending plenty of time at school events, choosing when to work and when to play.