Twitter 140-character limit has been finally given the room to breathe

Twitter, the social media company is making a major shift in how it counts characters in posts, giving users more freedom to compose longer messages.

The company has announced that added media such as videos and images, will no longer be counted as part of its strict character count. In addition to this, @names in replies won’t be either.

Twitter’s 140-character count has been an issue for many years, as there’s not enough room to get certain messages across, although the short format is clearly attractive enough to gain hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

The full suite of changes, which will be rolled out over the coming months, will mean that images, videos and @names in replies will not contribute towards the 140 limit.

Also, people will now be able to retweet and quote tweet themselves, allowing people to bring attention to older tweets. Also, any new tweet beginning with an @name will be seen by all followers.

Early this year, Twitter introduced a new timeline feature to help users catch up on the ‘best’ tweets from the people they follow. Appearing at the top of your feed when you open up your app, it shows a handful of tweets that you may have missed.

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