How to Use Instagram Stories as an Influencer: Sponsored Posts

Instagram Stories has become a vital tool for both brands and influencers alike. It’s a great way to share the things that you’re loving (and currently promoting) with your audience while at the same time keeping it authentic, light, and fun. The best way to organically promote your content on stories is to keep it relatable, personal, and engaging. Including your audience in the conversation is always key. 

As Influencers, it’s easier now than ever to connect with our followers through IG Stories. The trick though is finding a way to keep them engaged so that they continue to interact with you time and time again through the content that you’re continuously sharing. You need to always be consistent, engaging, and innovative with your content. A fabulous way to keep your audience enthralled with your Stories content is by designing beautifully eye-catching Instagram Stories.

Create a list of ideas for new content that you want to share on Instagram Stories. The fantastic thing about Stories is that you can incorporate aspects from your everyday life, and things that don’t often make it to the feed. If you share different and unique content on your IG stories, your followers will continue coming back for more.

Which brings us to the topic of sponsored posts…

A great way to share fresh and unique content with your audience is through the use of sponsored posts. There’s definitely an art behind how you’re sharing sponsored posts though, so let’s touch on a few of them below:

  • VIDEO: use videos to show products you’re promoting + how you use them (example: beauty tutorial, outfit inspo – wearing an item a few different ways)
  • PROMOS: share a brand giveaway or discount code with your followers to maximize engagement for your sponsored post
  • QUESTIONS & POLLS:  Include your followers in the conversation by asking a question or taking a poll to get to know more of what they’d like to see from you and that brand

If you don’t have a giveaway or special promo code available to share with your readers from a brand that you’re currently partnering with, that’s fine! You can always reach out to the brand directly via email, and suggest a special discount to share on IG Stories for your readers.

Always be organic and authentic when you’re creating sponsored content for both your blog and social media. Sponsored posts can be engaging and authentic without sounding too “pitchy.”

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