Instagram keeps rolling out fun and exciting new features for us to use, and this time around they’re bringing us a new ‘Chat Sticker’!

The ‘Chat Sticker’ is a great way to further interact with your audience on Instagram! By placing this new sticker within your Instagram Stories, you can now ask your followers to join a new group chat where you can talk to them. Once you post the sticker, it also gives you complete power to select who you would like to join the chat by allowing you to see who has requested to join via your direct messages inbox.

If you see a chat sticker placed on someone else’s Instagram Story you can then also tap the sticker yourself to request access to join that chat!

If you choose someone for your chat or if you are selected for a chat, it will all happen within your direct messages inbox. Here you can view which chats you have taking place or which ones you are currently a part of.

The original poster of the sticker has the ability to end the chat at any time that they wish.

This new sticker is one of many interactive stickers that you can now utilize on Instagram Stories. We hope you have fun trying it out!

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