Instagram (IG) has announced some great news. IG is now making it easier to get your account back from hackers.

Over the past year, we’ve heard news circulating the web about IG accounts being hacked left and right. It’s been talked about in groups on Facebook, IG, via email, and so much more. This news has caused so many of us to begin looking at our accounts differently and has led us to try and find ways to monitor and secure them so we won’t be affected.

If your account has unfortunately been hacked, IG is now finding ways for you to gain access again safely. Now, if IG notices that you’re having trouble logging into your account – the app will prompt you by asking you to enter information that’s directly tied to your account. (Like your email and your phone number.) This, in turn, will prevent hackers from taking your account if they aren’t familiar with the information you initially used when you first signed up on the platform.

And, to take it a step further – if hackers have changed your contact information, you can have Instagram send you a six-digit recovery code to the first email or phone number you used to sign up. This will then allow you to use the recovery code to log back in. All of this comes as great news for IG and for so many of us who do business through our accounts. We can breathe easy now knowing that IG is finding ways to address the issue of hacked accounts to have fewer problems with it in the future.

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