Getting advertising right can be tricky. Firms must balance their need to communicate a clear business message with relevant Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) requirements.

It’s one thing to drop an idea because the client doesn’t like it, it’s quite another to find out the idea they do really like wouldn’t be allowed under various advertising rules. 

Our copy advice service is fast and confidential. It is designed to make your communications more effective and avoid the regulatory pitfalls.

What’s legal one country may not be legal elsewhere, so rest assured that our advice is international.

Financial Promotion Advice

Financial promotions that fail to adhere to the rules can pose a material risk to all companies. 

Your financial promotions (including social media) and website are the public face of your business. As well as your customers they’re visible to the Regulator so it’s essential you ensure they’re compliant – our comprehensive review service can help you ensure just that.

We can be retained by authorised and non-authorised firms. This service is particularly useful for firms which do not have the in-house resource to dedicate to the process, particularly if it is not a core service line of the business.

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Bespoke Advertising Advice

Adverts or promotions (broadcast and non-broadcast) for non-financial products and broader issues (like taste, decency or social responsibility) fall under the remit of the ASA.

Getting an advertisement banned by the ASA can be devastating. We understand the commercial and internal pressures on marketing teams. We work with you to reach your goals by providing assessments and recommendations to help to comply with Advertising Codes across all media which are written and maintain Committees of Advertising Practice.

Advertising in Europe?

The ASA’s jurisdiction only covers UK advertising. To make sure your ads comply with European standards, we will work closely with you to ensure the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA) rules are incorporated. EASA works to support and promote advertising self-regulation across Europe.

At LS Consultancy we want you to get it right.

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What is copy advice?

Copy advice is a service provided to advertisers, agencies or the media on the compliance of an advertisement within advertising rules and the applicable law. Copy advice is provided on a confidential basis and accompanied by advice on the amendments necessary to bring a non-complying advertisement into line with relevant rules.

Who should seek copy advice and what are the advantages?

Anyone who would like to run a marketing campaign in one or more countries and wishes to ensure an advert is compliant should seek copy advice. Seeking copy advice at an early stage in the preparation of a campaign provides advertisers and agencies with a degree of reassurance that it complies with the highest standards of practice. It also prevents time and money being wasted on campaigns which may breach the rules and are therefore likely to be short-lived. In a wider context, copy advice helps protect the reputation of your brand.

Does copy advice guarantee that there will be no complaints?

Copy advice reduces risks and consequently of an advertisement giving rise to complaints, although it cannot completely eliminate the risk. Final responsibility for the veracity of advertising claims rests with the advertiser.

Is copy advice confidential?

All information submitted by or on behalf of advertisers will be treated confidentially.

How does it work?

All correspondence following a submission will be directly between the enquiring party and us.

Content and nature of the advice, may vary between countries of distribution.

Advertisers, agencies and/or media that would like to get advice, please contact us.

How much does it cost?

We provide a bespoke service, and will beat any like for like quote by 10%. Contact us for a free no obligation quote.

We are a team of seasoned professionals bringing you extensive, practical regulatory and business experience and skills, gained in a wide range of sectors, from financial services to travel and tourism.

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