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Try our Copy Advice service – for ads across all media

Getting advertising right can be tricky. Firms must balance their need to communicate a clear business message with relevant Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) requirements.

Advertising rules can seem very complicated, especially when you’re trying to come up with original creative ideas and turn them into ads to wow your target audience.

The golden rule for all advertising or financial promotions should be the Ronseal test – products need to do exactly what they say on the tin. Our Copy advice service is essential for advertisers, agencies, media owners, media service providers and financial firms who want to check how their prospective advertisements (broadcast and non-broadcast) measure up against Advertising Codes, and Financial Promotion rules.

Copy advice is provided on a confidential basis and usually accompanied by advice on the amendments necessary to bring a non-complying advertisement into line with the rules.

We will look at your concepts, imagery and/or copy highlighting any potential issues in advance before you spend time and resources taking them forward.

It’s a fast and confidential service designed to make your communications more effective and avoid the regulatory pitfalls.

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We specialise in marketing compliance by providing regulatory and best practice advice.

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