The Advisory Committee on Proportionality (ACP) of the European Banking Authority (EBA) held today its first meeting chaired by Helmut Ettl, Executive Director of the Austrian Financial Market Authority and Member of the EBA Board of Supervisors (BoS), and Mario Quagliariello, EBA Director of Economic Analysis and Statistics. The focus of this Committee is to advise the EBA on how its actions and measures should take account of specific differences prevailing in the banking sector related to the nature, scale and complexity of risks, to business models and practice as well as to the size of financial institutions.

While forming an integral part of the EBA, the ACP is an independent Committee established on 22 January to advise the EBA BoS on the Authority’s work programme and, where necessary, to make recommendations on how to improve it, taking into account the specificities of financial institutions.

Source: EBA