The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) rulings are published every Wednesday and set out on the public record how, following investigation, the advertising rules apply and where the ASA draw the line in judging whether an ad has broken the rules.

This week’s rulings have been published, and the following advertisers have been formally investigated.

Rulings for 10 April 2019

A website for Butternut Box dog food,, seen on 29 June 2018, featured text which stated “Fresh, home-cooked meals. Perfectly portioned. Delivered to your door”.

A TV ad, video on demand (VOD) ad and a paid-for ad on Instagram for Macallan whisky, seen in December 2018:

a.  The TV ad featured a man leaping off a cliff and tumbling towards the ground. As he fell, feathers started sprouting out of his arms and he began to grow wings. On-screen text stated “Would you risk falling … for the chance to fly?”. As he approached the ground he disappeared from view behind a mountainside and then reappeared after he had pulled out of the nosedive and started to fly upwards now that his wings were fully grown. An end-frame featured text stating “The Macallan. Make the call” which was accompanied by an image of the whisky product in a glass.

b.  The VOD ad, seen on the ITV hub, was a longer version of ad (a), but featured similar imagery and on-screen text. Unlike ad (a), that ad did not feature an image of the whisky product.

c.  The paid-for ad on Instagram featured a video that was identical to ad (b).

A TV ad for the travel company Eurocamp, seen on 12 January 2019 included several scenes of people enjoying their holiday, including a toddler in sunglasses lying on their back with their arms behind their head, in bright sunlight on a rubber ring in a swimming pool. The scene was accompanied by a voice-over that state…

Eight video ads for HiSmile, a teeth whitening product, that appeared on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook:

a.  A Snapchat story, seen on 21 November, showed a woman wiping a gel-like substance off her visibly yellow teeth with her finger, revealing clean, white teeth. Text at the top of the ad read “White Teeth in 10 Minutes!”.

b.  A Snapchat story, seen on 28 December 2018, featured the claim “TRANSFORM YOUR TEETH IN 10 MINUTES!” and text at the top of the image that read “HiSmile…Known For Teeth Transformations”.

c.  A Snapchat story, seen on 28 December 2018, featured an image showing a mouthful of teeth, half were yellowed and half were white. Text superimposed over the image read “Transform Your Stained Teeth in 10 Minutes”.

d.  A Snapchat story ad, seen on 31 December 2018, featured a man who applied a clear gel-like substance to his yellowed teeth with a pair of syringes. He then rubbed the gel off in a zigzag motion revealing white teeth underneath. Small text at the top of the ad read “White Teeth in 10 Minutes”.

e.  A Snapchat story seen on 6 January 2019 showed an ‘unboxing’ of the HiSmile teeth whitening kit and text that read “Swipe up for White Teeth in 10 Minutes”.

f.  An Instagram story ad seen on 21 November 2018 that was the same as ad (a).

g.  An Instagram post, seen on 3 January 2019, that showed a woman who applied a clear gel-like substance to her teeth with a single syringe. She then wiped the gel off one tooth revealing a white tooth underneath. A caption appeared alongside the ad that read “Let that sink in…”.

h.  A Facebook post, seen on 23 January 2019, showed a third party applying a gel-like substance to a man’s teeth with a syringe. The man then placed a glowing gum shield-like object in his mouth. The object then disappeared, revealing a translucent film across his teeth. There was then a jump cut to another scene showing the man smiling with clean, white teeth.

A TV ad seen in March 2018 for the sanitary protection product “Always Discreet”, featured a woman who stated, “I didn’t realise my bladder leak pad was bulky until I went for a bike ride. So I tried Always Discreet. I couldn’t believe the difference. It’s less bulky and it really protects. The super absorbent core tur…

The website for Harveys, a furniture retailer,, seen on 25 October 2018 featured an image of a dining table and chairs with text beside, which stated “GUARANTEED Christmas DELIVERY”. A gold banner underneath stated “GUARANTEED Christmas DELIVERY”. Smaller text underneath said “Selected items …

A TV ad for Suzuki, seen on 8 January 2019, promoted the Suzuki Vitara car. The ad showed a car being driven through the streets of a city, then over a bridge and into the countryside, by a man. A voice-over, using a child’s voice, stated, “I’m 36, I’m a husband, a manager, and still very good looking. In two hours I h…

A TV ad for Zestify Media, seen on 5 January 2019, showed an epilator with a crossed out ‘was’ price of £39.99 and a ‘now’ price of £19.99. Alongside that was a pink circle that featured the claim “SAVE 50%”.

A paid-for Facebook post and email for Rotimatic:a. The post, seen on 23 October 2018, stated “Enjoy the biggest savings on Rotimatic this Diwali! Enjoy 15% off … Hurry”, accompanied by an image of the product and text beside which stated “SAVE £191”. Further text underneath stated “Limited time only. T&C apply”.b….


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