Richard Mitchell

Richard Mitchell is one of the most experienced financial copywriters in the UK

Richard has spent over 35 years’ writing financial marketing ranging from retail banking and high street financial products, HNWI and investments, lending, pensions and insurance.

AT LS Consultancy

  • Writing copy that helps clients reach both compliance and marketing objectives
  • Providing content of all kinds
  • Developing direct marketing and e-marking solutions

BEFORE LS Consultancy

  • Wrote and managed all types of financial copy and content, from traditional press and mailing campaigns to launching and developing the websites of major banks.
  • Won national and international awards for clients that have included Nationwide and American Express.

OUTSIDE LS Consultancy

Loves family and country living.

Interesting fact about Richard:

He has a hi-vis jacket with ‘Copywriter’ on the back. Vital in a marketing emergency.

Memorable Quote:

Nothing rhymes with orange, but does not sound like it does.

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