Christopher Hall

Christopher Hall is the founder and operating MD.

Chris has over 18 years’ experience approving financial promotions and working within the compliance arena. He is a popular expert speaker on compliance marketing.

Extensive knowledge of the requirements including Financial Services and Markets Act, COBS, ICOBS, MCOB, BCOBS, CONC, PERG and international rule requirements which he applies appropriately.

Chris was one of the key instigators of the Financial Promotions Discussion group, and uses his knowledge and insight built up through his career to make key contributions to the discussion topics.

Experience which spans across many sectors including banking, life insurance, accident and health insurance, retirement planning, wealth management, investment management, mortgages and consumer credit.

He is pragmatic and practical, and he stays positive even when things get challenging. Best of all, he treads a great balance between protecting the business and doing what’s right for the customer – a very valuable skill in the world of financial services compliance.

Chris is also passionate about employee engagement and believes that through the power of connection, people can inspire a higher degree of engagement which will enable individuals and teams to achieve new levels of efficiency and production.

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Interesting fact about Chris:

He was named after Air Chief Marshal Sir Christopher Foxley-Norris, and has an unusual middle name.

Memorable Quote:

Wake up determined. Go to bed satisfied

You can contact Chris directly by email or calling: +44 (0) 7841 513 323.

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