When talking to new clients one of the first things that I explain to them is the Rule of Seven. It is not a complicated marketing rule or formula it’s a very basic way to see whether you are doing enough marketing to get your product/service/message in front of your prospects.

On average your target prospect needs to have seen or heard of you at least seven times before they make a decision to buy from you, and a mix of marketing is best too.

Having one poster on the wall will not cut the mustard generally, especially if that wall is something your target prospect never sees!

So for example, I want to contact businesses in Kent;

  • Firstly I identify the companies and the individuals that I need to speak to.
  • I make sure I have their contact details (phone number, email, LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter accounts, address).
  • I then devise a marketing strategy whereby my marketing message will be seen by that person at least seven times over a period of time.

The Seven Contacts

  1. So I might connect with them on LinkedIn and send them a message in the first instance.
  2. Then I would email them a broad marketing based email that offers advice on marketing strategy.
  3. I’d identify that they are exhibiting at a local event and turn up on the day to meet them in person. I’d give them a leaflet on the day.
  4. Tweet my followers using their handle and the exhibition handle to say it was good meeting at the expo.
  5. I could call them to follow up after meeting at the business exhibition and to get more detail on the services that they are interested in.
  6. Send a letter with more information on the marketing services that they expressed an interest in. Or email with links to relevant pages on a website.
  7. Call again to arrange a meeting to discuss how to work together, and get the sale!

Marketing your business is best when you use a simple, planned approach with messages specifically for your target market. Write it down and stick to it and it will pay dividends in the end. It is when people give up at step 2 that your potential market forget about you or don’t fully understand your product or services.

Author: Denise Wilton




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