By Peter Eales – Managing Director of oi solutions 

Does a MD, CEO or business owner need to be able to do marketing?

It helps. But if you cannot, I can. So together we make sure you get the best job done. Are you doing the best marketing and sales? How do you know? I work with Chairmen, MDs and business owners in a variety of situations. All want to grow. You may have or may not have a viable marketing operation. I started in sales, worked my way up to Director of Marketing and MD. We now work with businesses and also help with Dorset Business Angels to fund businesses. Download our guide at the bottom of the page to help you now. Or contact me for immediate help or a coffee to talk more.

Note, I will refer to MD but this can equally mean Chairman or business owner…it’s wherever the buck stops!

The CIM (where I was Regional Chair), says: “Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.”

What is “great marketing” in 2016

“Great marketing is…
Simon Carter, marketing director of Fujitsu UK: “…. not (just) about fancy creative, or huge budgets – it ….helps fulfil the objectives of your business”
Hilary Cross, director of marketing and communication at Macmillan Cancer Support:
“begins and ends with the customer… what you want them to think, feel and do.”
Sarah Holt Sara Holt, vice president marketing, BBC Store: “… activity pushes boundaries. It breaks into places you wouldn’t expect…something completely new.”
Simon Michaelides, marketing director of UKTV: “ it reaches out and grabs your attention.”
What I would say from extensive work with market leaders HubSpot and CIM is and fast growth company, must use inbound marketing as a key pillar to its marketing strategy. If you need help with inbound marketing just contact us.

So what does an MD need to consider?

The glib answer is, whatever it takes to maximise profits. Cash is what keeps most business heads awake at night. No capable boss leaves a key function like marketing – which drives cash – to chance or trusts what they are told without checking their marketing thoroughly.  The challenge is how do you know if the current results are “great”? Could you be getting more or better business to be a fast growth company? How do you know? If you are from a marketing background, you will be better able to judge. However even so, it’s a fast changing world so even then, you cannot be completely certain. And if you are not from marketing it can be challenging. And competitors emerge from nowhere!

Four Marketing Fundamentals for your Company

  1. Have a marketing strategy and plan for 2016 – linked to the company business plan.
  2. Ensure you have a capable head of marketing, ideally CIM accredited.
  3. Have a marketing delivery team internally and externally for your strategy and campaigns.
  4. Have the online platforms – website and social media in place, with branded content.

So Does the MD need to be “a Marketer”

The MD is the main salesperson, advocate and champion for the company so is by definition part of the marketing story. But our simple answer is “no” you don’t need to be a professional marketer. Not a Chartered CIM marketer for example. But as with financial acumen, it’s critical to have a grasp of the key aspects of marketing and install the marketing fundamentals – strategy, people and processes – and stay close to the work.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing – we are chartered members at o i solutions – provides a gold standard and helps identify the latest best practices, inbound marketing, digital, mobile, SEO, PPC, social media and much more.

Download the MD’s Guide to Great Marketing by clicking here

This is a Guide for the head of a company. Get help now on the four key areas for marketing either to audit, install or improve your marketing.

  1. Strategy and Plans
  2. Heading up your Marketing
  3. Delivery and Implementation
  4. Websites and Online Sites

How can we help!

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