Have you tried Google Forms? It’s a simple survey tool to use, here’s a step by step guide. How to create questions, the templates available. How to send and see survey results. We thought it might be helpful to share notes on how to use it. This is not a comparison or recommendation to use ahead of other survey tools, merely notes on what to do. You make your own mind up…

Starting and step by step guide

Search for https://docs.google.com

Sign in with your google email.

You can choose business, personal, education, event or whatever suits you.

Event is useful for most businesses and consultants.

Starting with a Blank Form

Name form

Describe form

Click on Untitled Question, fill in a title

e.g. Question 1

You can choose various types for example:

  • Short answer
  • Paragraph
  • Multiple choice
  • Checkboxes
  • Dropdown
  • Linear scale
  • Multiple choice grid

To the right of the form you have the control panel to design the form.

You click the “+” button to add another question for example.

The six dots in the middle of the screen enable you to move that question anywhere on the form.

The trash can enables you to delete a question.

You can use the button next to the trash can to duplicate a question, which is useful, as it can then be amended or reformatted into your final designed new question.

Options have dots next to them so you can move these too.

If you move the purple “Required” button to the right on a question, a person cannot move on until they finish the question.

Improving Form Design

To further improve design you can add titles using the TT symbol.

Images and Videos

You can add images and videos, using upload image, url or however you wish to upload the image.


You can divide the form into sections or add a section using the bottom symbol, on the right hand panel (like a big “equals”).

Colour Palette

Click the colour palette and change the colour of your form. You can select your theme background or upload one.

Preview Function

This button is top right, next to Palette by settings. It shows what the form looks like when someone opens up the form.


When someone has completed the form they press submit. On your form under “Responses” it shows the number of responses. Each response can be seen individually. You can also see a summary.  There is also a breakdown by section.

Form Saved

Google saves the form you have made, much like most online platforms will save your last campaign template.

Send Survey

Click on the Form. Press “Send” in the top right hand corner. It can be sent to multiple emails, a link can be created for social media or there is and HTML embed code. You can limit the number of responses per person.

Video Guide – this YouTube guide is a useful help:

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