The below document outlines the copy delivery/instruction deadlines that have been agreed between the IPA and the broadcasters for the 2016 Christmas period.

Christmas Copy Delivery Deadlines 2016

Clearcast hope it’s useful. Please bear in mind they will be clearing ads to their air date, not play out or the copy delivery date.

Clearcast will be open for business between Christmas and New Year as follows:

  • Monday 19th December – Open as normal
  • Tuesday 20th December – Open as normal
  • Wednesday 21st December – Open as normal
  • Thursday 22nd December – Open as normal
  • Friday 23rd December – Closed
  • Saturday 24th December – Closed
  • Sunday 25th December – Closed
  • Monday 26th December –  Closed (bank holiday)
  • Tuesday 27th December – Closed (bank holiday)
  • Wednesday 28th December – Open with Skeleton staff*
  • Thursday 29th December –  Open with Skeleton staff*
  • Friday 30th December –  Open with Skeleton staff*
  • Monday 2nd January 2017 – Closed (bank holiday)

*Please note over Christmas and New Year, Clearcast will stay open until the broadcasters have all the clearances they require from them for the following day. When these clearances are all done, they tend  to close the office earlier than usual