Alcohol in Ads – What not to do

The alcohol rules, designed to prevent irresponsible alcohol promotion, apply irrespective of whether the product is shown or seen being consumed. Moreover, many of the rules apply even when alcohol is not the product being advertised (for example this ruling against an ad promoting a holiday service).  That said, the stringent rules for alcohol ads are not intended to stifle creativity, in fact, it could be argued that the rules even help inspire more innovation in alcohol-based campaigns.

Breaches of these rules often attract a lot of negative publicity for advertisers and brands, so to help you stay compliant, here are some of the main ‘don’ts’ when it comes to the rules:


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Author: Emma Smith, Copy Advice Executive

Emma specialises in giving advice relating to alcohol, harm & offence, social responsibility, weapons and remit.

Source: CAP Website

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