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  • What products do you offer?

We offer a complete solution with a range of self-service, cost effective, compliance and marketing products and services that are uniquely suited to supporting firms.

  • So It’s Another Advertising Agency?

No, we are a valuable consulting service. We can be scheduled and adjusted to fit your calendar, budget and needs.

We ensure sure that quality takes precedent over quantity. Key to our success is the successful and long term development of close business relationships with our clients. 

  • What makes you different?

We work on the simple premise of “Improving our client’s condition“, which to us means that you have to have value over and above the cost involved. Cost should never be confused with price as there is a distinct difference. Price is the amount of money involved in a transaction. Cost is the complete, long term benefits (or lack of them) plus the initial upheaval and management time involved in the implementation and execution of the project. See Pricing.

  • I need some advice about advertising.

Our Copy Advice service is fast and confidential. It’s essential for advertisers, agencies, media owners/providers who want to check how their prospective advertisements (broadcast and non-broadcast) measure up against advertising rules.

  • How quickly can you deal with my enquiry?

We always respond to all enquiries within 24 hours, also, please allow for international time zones when making your enquiry as although we aim to respond immediately to most enquiries but due to time zones this may not always be possible.

  • How cost effective are you?

Very! We will provide you with FIXED Price Options that help you budget. Essential for start-ups! We can work on a per diem basis, but prefer to offer a fully inclusive, no hidden costs, FIXED PRICE. Contact us for an  initial quote.

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