We’ve have created this resource library with free downloadable content for Marketing, Compliance, Sales teams along with Company Secretaries, Administrators and Boards.

We are adding more free resources to this page over the coming months.

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Time Management Tracker

We’ve created this Time Management Tracker to work with anyone’s schedule. To customise your own schedule, simply start by jotting the hour of your typical day begins under ‘Time’, and end with the time your day ends.

Download our Time Management Tracker.

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Influencer Campaign Checklist

You’ve just landed an amazing paid campaign with your dream brand! All that hard work has finally paid off!! But what now?

Download our Influencer Campaign Checklist.

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KPI template

PowerPoint template to report metrics, KPI’s and project development status.

Click the button below to download our KPI template in a pptx format:-

Creative Briefing Document

Creative brief sample for advertising and design projects with consumer insights, audience profile, media and schedule.

Download our Creative Briefing Document Template in .doc format.

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Influencer Goal Setting Worksheet

Create a vision board with ways in which you can plan out the next few years. Start small, and then map out bigger goals (and dreams).

What would you include on your Goal Setting Worksheet? (You can get started with your own by clicking on the download button below!)

Click the button below to download our Influencer Goal Setting Worksheet template below in a PDF format:-

Instagram post template

This Instagram post template will…

  • Minimise the time you spend thinking what to post on Instagram
  • Help get higher engagement from your followers
  • Help grow your Instagram following by providing high quality content.

Click the button below to download our Instagram post template in a PDF format:-

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