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Branded Content Ads on Instagram

As sponsored posts continue to flourish in the digital space, Instagram steadily releases new features and strategies to amplify and improve branded content. Recently, Instagram began to roll out “Branded Content Ads,” as a way for brands to sponsor content generated by influencers, celebrities, and publishers, and to create a more official partnership between creators [...]

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How can B2B companies use Instagram

We love seeing how some of the world’s most renowned consumer brands use Instagram to build their communities, tell impactful stories, and of course sell their products. At the other end of the spectrum, however, are another group of innovative companies who are also using social media to generate more clientele and awareness — Enter [...]

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Studio Bordin

Studio Bordin  Every brand has a different story to tell and a strong online presence will help you boost credibility, customer loyalty and sales. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a start-up or a large scale business, Studio Bordin create bespoke strategies to optimise audience engagement. Experienced team all specialise in different areas. Whatever your style, you [...]

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How to Post IGTV Videos on Your Feed

Instagram has shift gears with their IGTV feature by allowing users to post a preview of their IGTV videos directly onto their feed. This is a great option to ensure that your IGTV videos have visibility and get more views! How to Share a Preview of Your IGTV Video to Your Feed Once you’ve created [...]

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How to Create Blog Content in 3 easy steps

As content creators, sometimes knowing what to write about can be one of the biggest challenges that we face.When it comes to finding ways to be consistent in creating interesting and unique content for our readers, it can often be tricky. One thing’s for sure though; you want to always be certain that the content [...]

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