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How to customise your Google search result ‘snippets’

Google has announced that it will let website owners customise the way their content appears in search results previews. How can you take advantage of this to improve the way your firm is described in search rankings? What is Google changing? The ‘snippet’ is the preview text that shows when your site appears in [...]

October 11th, 2019|Marketing|0 Comments

How to improve your marketing efficiency

Efficiency is one of the Marketing team’s Holy Grails. Improving your efficiency enables you to get products and services to markets quicker; reduce duplication and rework; and save your business money. But becoming more efficient is easier said than done. All too often, Marketing teams are bogged down in admin and reactive work. A [...]

October 11th, 2019|Marketing|0 Comments

How to make the right decision on gating content

There’s an ongoing debate in the marketing world about gating content. Adding a form before your valuable marketing content has become the accepted approach. But is gating always right? Here we explore the pros and cons of putting your content behind a data-capture form. To gate or not to gate? What’s behind the trend [...]

October 4th, 2019|Marketing|0 Comments

SM&CR and financial promotions

New conduct rules are coming – what do Marketers need to know? You may be aware of the SM&CR – the Senior Managers and Certification Regime. The regime will apply to all solo-regulated firms (i.e. those regulated by only the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA))  from 9 December this year. But what [...]

September 27th, 2019|Marketing|0 Comments

London top city for fintech investment

London overtakes New York to be top city for fintech investment. New research published this week shows that London has overtaken New York as the capital of fintech deals. The report, published by industry body Innovate Finance along with London & Partners, reveals record investment in the UK fintech sector. It also finds that [...]

September 27th, 2019|Marketing|0 Comments

What characteristics do the fastest-growing brands share?

A new survey of the UK’s most valuable brands identifies the fastest-growing brands in 2019. What do these winning companies have in common – and how can you emulate their success? We investigate. The UK’s most valuable brands The BrandZ™ Top 75 Most Valuable UK Brands research was published last week by research firm [...]

September 20th, 2019|Marketing|0 Comments