Advertising consumer surveys

A quick guide to advertising consumer surveys. Advertising claims from consumer surveys can be a great way to let the public know just how highly your product or service is rated by consumers. However, many marketers have fallen foul of the CAP Code in the way they have communicated their findings. Here are some key [...]

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Disabilities and advertising

Referring to persons with disabilities in advertising. This week (3 December) we saw the UN’s international Day of Persons with Disabilities. In honour of the day, the Committee of Advertising Practice  (CAP) have grouped together three key things to avoid, and two other points to consider, to help you ensure your ads don’t breach the Code [...]

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Animals in advertising

Paws and clause: Avoiding an advertising cat-astrophe when featuring animals. As a nation of animal lovers, featuring animals in ads is a sure fire way to stir consumers’ emotions and encourage them to engage with a product or brand, but when marketers depict or imply any kind of harmful treatment of an animal, they risk [...]

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Advertising cannabidiol products

CBD – A potted history and how not to hash up. Consumer awareness of Cannabidiol (CBD) containing products has recently increased and ads for these products are becoming more prolific. CBD products are most commonly sold as oral formulations. CBD containing products can be difficult to classify. However, it remains a marketer’s responsibility to ensure [...]

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Useful advice on profanity

Some *bleeping* useful advice on profanity [*contains strong language*]. Swear words in advertising often attract attention (and complaints!) – But does the context make a difference?  And is ‘swearing’ in ads ever acceptable? Read on for some useful advice on how to avoid making the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)‘curse a blue streak’ when you use [...]

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