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Mental Health advertising

Getting it right on mental health. Mental health problems affect approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK every year, and advertisers have a responsibility to make sure their ads don’t have an adverse impact on those affected or on society more generally.  The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) Code contains a number of [...]

October 10th, 2019|CAP|0 Comments

Types of claims: “Only” and “One and only”

“Only” and “One and only” claims are regarded as either objective or subjective, depending on the context of the claim. If an advertiser claims to be the only company to offer a service, or to offer certain benefits to the consumer, it is likely that this will be considered an objective claim, which the [...]

October 7th, 2019|CAP|0 Comments

Marketing of stop-smoking

Launched in 2012, 'Stoptober' is a 28-day stop smoking challenge from Public Health England that encourages and supports smokers towards quitting for good. 'Stoptober' is based on the insight that if someone can stop smoking for 28-days, they are five times more likely to be able to stay quit for good. Given that we've [...]

October 3rd, 2019|CAP|0 Comments

Black History Month

Black History Month – Offensive depictions of race in adverts. Black History Month (BHM) in October each year celebrates and reflects on the history of black people and recognises their contribution and achievements to British society and the world in general. BHM was first officially celebrated in the UK in 1987 when it was [...]

October 3rd, 2019|CAP|0 Comments

International Day of Older Persons 2019

One of the primary aims of the International Day of Older Persons 2019, which took place on 1 October, is to assist in “changing negative narratives and stereotypes involving "old age." The need to tackle this issue is backed by an Age UK survey that found that 39% of 55,000 respondents had been shown a [...]

October 3rd, 2019|CAP|0 Comments

Advertising of contraceptives

Avoiding miscon(tra)ceptions. It’s World Contraception Day, an annual worldwide campaign to improve awareness of contraception and enable people to make informed choices on their sexual and reproductive health.  Given this, the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) thought it seemed fitting to share some guidance on the advertising of contraceptives. Offence Ads for contraceptives and [...]

September 26th, 2019|CAP|0 Comments