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Friends of the Earth accused of ‘misleading’ over fracking

This article is an copy taken from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) website.   Opinion piece by Guy Parker, ASA Chief Executive: A fractious debate but a clear outcome One week into 2017 and the action we’ve taken to stop misleading ad claims about fracking by Friends of the Earth has hit the national media and prompted widespread [...]

January 6th, 2017|ASA|0 Comments

Auction rules under than hammer

Guide prices and non-optional fees The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) has announced new guidance in relation to auction lots.  The guidance focuses on the use of guide prices and how to display information about non-optional fees. This follows a project the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) carried out in response to a consumer complaint about the [...]

December 22nd, 2016|ASA, CAP|0 Comments

Emmerdale experience advert banned

Emmerdale TV advertisement has been banned for showing ‘exaggerated’ studio experience. The advert showed a woman being transported from her kitchen to a field, then to a room with costumes where she handled a blouse, and then to and indoor sets from the soap, and finally to the show’s fictional pub, The Woolpack, before a [...]

December 14th, 2016|ASA|0 Comments

New advertising guidance for osteopaths

This article is an excerpt which has been taken from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) website.   The ASA has teamed up with the General Osteopathic Council to send new guidance to over 4,800 osteopaths on the GOsC register. The guidance relates to marketing claims for pregnant women, children and babies and provides examples of what kind of claims can, [...]

December 8th, 2016|ASA|0 Comments

What is and isn’t acceptable in advertising

A transparent record of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) policy for consumers, media, government, industry and society at large on what is and isn't acceptable in advertising. ASA adjudications provide important guidance to advertisers on how the Advertising Codes are to be interpreted.  These are also a brilliant learning resource for promoters. Rulings for : 7 December 2016 Avon Cosmetics Ltd [...]

December 7th, 2016|ASA|0 Comments