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12 04, 2019

Regulation of claims management – all you need to know

April 12th, 2019|Compliance|0 Comments

On 1 April, the Financial Conduct Authority took over regulation of claims management companies (CMCs). If you work in claims management, what does this mean? What will the impact be, and what does your firm need to do to ensure you’re compliant? FCA regulation of the claims management industry In September last year, the Authority [...]

9 04, 2019

Disrupted Communications: Surviving the EOL of Your Old Communications Tools

April 9th, 2019|Smarsh|0 Comments

Communications technology is changing more rapidly than ever before, and any firm hoping to stay on top of its compliance responsibilities must possess the agility to quickly react to this whirlwind evolution. For compliance teams, the goal is to reduce the risk of interruptions in recordkeeping oversight as much as possible — which can be [...]

5 04, 2019

What is the impact of the FCA’s ban on binary options?

April 5th, 2019|Compliance|0 Comments

On 29 March, the Financial Conduct Authority confirmed that it was permanently banning the sale of binary options to retail customers. In an announcement on its website, the regulator stated that following consultation feedback, it had decided that ‘all firms acting in or from the UK are prohibited from selling, marketing or distributing binary options [...]

5 04, 2019

Why Google’s Quality Score matters

April 5th, 2019|Marketing|0 Comments

Do you know what Google’s Quality Score is, and how it is worked out? If you produce online adverts for search engines, you should – as it’s central to your visibility online. Here we look at the components that make up ‘quality’ in Google’s eyes and share tips on making your ads more search engine-friendly. [...]

3 04, 2019

Guest post: How to choose the right marketing automation solution

April 3rd, 2019|Simplifie|0 Comments

The benefits of marketing automation are well-recognised. Automating your processes – whether production, approval or delivery – can save you significant time, reduce your admin, improve your targeting and accuracy, optimise regulatory compliance. The arguments for greater automation in marketing are compelling. But once you’ve decided to reap the rewards of automation, how do you [...]